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At Lucky Red Comics, we are active on various social media platforms and from time to time may follow artists, writers, colorists, or other creators whose styles we like. 

If you are a creator who is interested in working with us, we will reach out to
you first from an official account (ie "") to let you know if
we are interested. We do not accept or consider unsolicited inquiries, scripts, sketches, etc. Unsolicited materials mailed or physically handed to us at conventions/events will be discarded without being read.

We generally look for creators who have the following:

-a dedicated website featuring your portfolio/samples, page rates,
and an email address (this is how we will communicate with you)
-an understanding of digital and print comic book scripting/layouts 
-an interest in working on sci-fi, horror, and anthology titles

Non-commercial fan art is welcome and appreciated (we may even ask your permission to share it on our social media pages and tag you).

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