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Red Rabbit Comics & Entertainment LLC, doing business as (dba) Lucky Red Comics does NOT create or promote Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on its properties, including (but not limited to) its characters, logos, or titles.

Any NFTs resembling or containing properties of Lucky Red Comics have been created WITHOUT our permission or approval. 

NEVER accept any offers or transfers from an entity claiming to be or represent
Lucky Red Comics in cryptocurrency/blockchain spaces or matters (anyone doing so is NOT associated with Lucky Red Comics or its affiliates and is NOT authorized to do business on our behalf).

Lucky Red Comics does not use NFT transactions for licensing or transferring ownership of its intellectual property, copyrights, or trademarks. Do not do business with any entity claiming to be or represent Lucky Red Comics in such transactions.

Lucky Red Comics does not use/accept art or other products produced via generative Artificial Intelligence programs/apps/software ie "A.I. Art", and does not condone or support the use of our properties for "training" A.I. programs or applications.

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