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HELLCATS: STRIKE FORCE is a sci fi war drama written by a US Army veteran about 
a turbulent relationship between co-pilots in the United Space Star Force. Veteran fighter pilot Lieutenant Ashley "Iceskater" Elway and rookie academy graduate Ensign Katie "Vulture" Beauchamp are paired together in the same V1C Mark III "Hellcat" space-to-surface fighter craft as they serve on board the interstellar carrier USS Martha King. Together they tangle with a hostile extraterrestrial hivemind, uncover a terrible conspiracy, and learn the only thing you have in space is your wingman!

HELLCATS: STRIKE FORCE deals with the rigors of military life set in a dystopian future where a bloated and uncaring government blindly throws its bravest and boldest into uncharted space in pursuit of new planets to colonize. For as the old saying goes among Star Force pilots- "Ours is not to question why- ours is just to fly or die!"  


HELLCATS: STRIKE FORCE contains adult language, military violence, scenes of mental trauma, and partial nudity- it is intended for mature readers.

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